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  1. Gunilla Borgefors 
    Date: 20130107 
    Title: Darwin was wrong - eyes are easy

  2. Vladimir Curic 
    Date: 20130114 
    Title: Mathematical morphology for color images

  3. Lennart Svensson 
    Date: 20130121 
    Title: The ProViz software and trends in electron microscopy

  4. Joakim Lindblad 
    Date: 20130204 
    Title: Linear time distances between fuzzy/grey sets with applications to pattern matching and classification

  5. Sujan Kishor Nath 
    Date: 20130215 
    Title: Investigating Multi Instance Classifiers for improved virus classification in TEM images 
    Comment: Master thesis presentation

  6. Carolina Wählby 
    Date: 20130218 
    Title: Open source software for image processing - Why should we care when we can code ourselves?

  7. Antoine Vacavant  
    Date: 20130304 
    Title: Robust image analysis by multi-scale and irregular algorithms Comment: Invited speaker

  8. Mariana Bustamante 
    Date: 20130308 
    Title: Detection and quantification of small changes in MR-volumes 
    Comment: Master thesis presentation

  9. Omer Ishaq 
    Date: 20130311 
    Title: Image-based Screening of Zebrafish

  10. Filip Malmberg 
    Date: 20130318 
    Title: SmartPaint - a new approach to interactive segmentation

  11. Jonny Gunnarsson 
    Date: 20130328 
    Title: Algorithms and representation of 3D regions in radiotherapy planning software 
    Comment: Master thesis presentation

  12. Robin Strand 
    Date: 20130415 
    Title: The minimum barrier distance

  13. Cris Luengo 
    Date: 20130422 
    Title: Identifying All Individuals in a Honeybee Hive - Progress Towards Mapping All Social Interactions

  14. Johan Nysjö  
    Date: 20130429 
    Title: User-Guided Quantitative Evaluation of Wrist Fractures in CT Images

  15. Bettina Selig  
    Date: 20130506 
    Title: Stochastic Watershed in Action!

  16. Ewert Bengtsson 
    Date: 20130513 
    Title: Cerviscan - our plans for an automated screening device for cervical cancer

  17. Anders Hast 
    Date: 20130527 
    Title: Geomemories - A Platform for Visualizing Historical, Environmental and Geospatial Changes of the Italian Landscape

  18. Jesper Friberg 
    Date: 20130530 
    Title: Detecting background and foreground from video in realtime with a moving camera 
    Comment: Master thesis presentation

  19. Haixia Liu 
    Date: 20130611 
    Title: Texture Feature Analysis of Breast Lesions in Automated 3D Breast Ultrasound 
    Comment: Master thesis presentation

  20. Mihai Iulian Florea 
    Date: 20130611 
    Title: Computer Assisted Detection of Individuals in a Honey Bee Hive 
    Comment: Master thesis presentation

  21. Pontus Olsson 
    Date: 20130617 
    Title: A Haptics-Assisted Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery Planning System for Restoring Skeletal Anatomy in Complex Trauma Cases

  22. Amir Motevakel 
    Date: 20130620 
    Title: Artifact handling in CT and MRI brain imaging 
    Comment: Master thesis presentation

  23. Kim L. Boyer 
    Date: 20130814 
    Title: Feature Learning by Semantics-Sensitive Image Distances and Multidimensional Scaling Comment: Invited speaker

  24. Fei Liu 
    Date: 20130819 
    Title: A Scan Line Approach to Facade Region Detection in Street View Images

  25. Kristina Lidayova 
    Date: 20130826 
    Title: Coverage segmentation of thin structures

  26. Ingela Nyström 
    Date: 20130902 
    Title: IAPR and ICPR 2014 for us

  27. Christophe Avenel 
    Date: 20130923 
    Title: Parallel birth and death process for cell nuclei extraction in histopathology images

  28. Max Pihlström 
    Date: 20131007 
    Title: The triangulation as a painting medium 
    Comment: Master thesis presentation

  29. Filip Malmberg 
    Date: 20131104 
    Title: Exact computation of stochastic watersheds

  30. Sajith Kecheril Sadanandan 
    Date: 20131111 
    Title: Automated lung cancer detection using scale space features

  31. Ingrid Carlbom 
    Date: 20131202 
    Title: Malignancy Grading of Prostate Cancer

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