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Organized conferences and workshops

  1. 11th International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology (ISMM 2013)
    Organisers: Gunilla Borgefors (General Chair), Cris Luengo Hendriks (Programme Chair), Robin Strand (Local arrangements Chair), Christer Kiselman (Invited speakers Chair), Vladimir Curic (assistant)
    Address: Ångström, Uppsala
    Date: 20130527-20130529
    Attendees: 69
    Comment: ISMM 2013 was the eleventh in a series of international conferences on Mathematical Morphology and its applications. We received 52 submissions, most of high quality, of which 41 were accepted after review and revision. There were also three invited papers, by Bhabatosh Chanda, Indian Statistical Institute; Ron Kimmel, Israel Institute of Technology; and Christine Voiron-Canicio, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France. The Proceedings of the meeting is Mathematical Morphology and Its Applications to Signal and Image Processing, Eds. C.L. Luengo Hendriks, G. Borgefors, R. Strand, published as Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 7883, 532 pages. In addition to the three invited speakers there were 26 oral presentations in plenary sessions and two poster sessions with a total of 15 posters. There were 69 registered participants from 13 countries, with most participants from France. The conference dinner was held at Östgöta Nation on the first conference evening and the conference ended with a farewell lunch. The conference was sponsored by International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR) and had financial sponsoring from the Swedish Research Council (VR), UU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the City of Uppsala. Just after the symposium the steering committee held a meeting at CBA. We received many compliments on the organisation of this conference from the participants. See Figure 32.

    Figure 32: Left: General Chair Gunilla Borgefors welcomes the participants to the 11 International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology, ISMM 2013. Right: Lively discussions during one of the poster session.

  2. Contributing to Open-Source Software
    Organisers: Carolina Wählby 
    Address: Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala
    Date: 130603-0605
    Comment: The goal of the workshop was to let the participants become familiar with open-source tools, and learn how to make contributions/modifications to MeVisLab, ImageJ/FIJI and CellProfiler. These initiatives are valuable sources for already implemented algorithms, making them a great starting point for further exploration and development, as well as reproducible comparison of competing methods. By becoming more familiar with these tools, and learning how to make contributions/modifications, the participants have a valuable toolbox that can be shared and used also outside the university.

    Guest tutorials were presented by Felix Ritter and Anja Hennemuth (MevisLab, Fraunhofer MEVIS), Lee Kamentsky (CellProfiler, Broad Institute, USA), and Kevin Eliceiri ImageJ2/FIji, LOCI, University of Wisconsin, USA).

  3. The 6th Workshop on UnConventional High Performance Computing 2013 (UCHPC 2013) 
    Organisers: Anders Hast 
    Address: Aachen, Germany 
    Date: 20130827 
    Comment: Hast was an organizer and on the steering and programme committees.

  4. Session on Computerized Image Analysis at The X-ray week ("Röntgenveckan") 
    Organiser: Ewert Bengtsson 
    Address: Uppsala Konsert och Kongress, UKK 
    Date: 20130906

  5. Seventh Workshop on Medical Image Analysis for Early Detection of Cervical Cancer 
    Organiser: Ewert Bengtsson 
    Address: IT-Department, UU 
    Date: 20130923-20130927 
    Comment: Organized within the Cerviscan collaboration project, with participants from both Uppsala and Thiruvananthapuram, India

  6. 2nd eSSENCE Academy 
    Organiser: Ingela Nyström 
    Address: Lund University 
    Date: 20131016-20131017 
    Comment: 80 researchers within the e-Science community gathered for this workshop to present, discuss, and find synergies among researchers from Lund University, Umeå University, and UU.

  7. Medical engineering in Uppsala 
    Organisers: Ewert Bengtsson, Fredrik Nikolajev 
    Address: Conference room at Rudbeck Centre, UU 
    Date: 20131023 
    Comment: Bengtsson organized this meeting to discuss the formation of a collaborative structure in medical engineering in Uppsala, around 30 invited participants.

  8. AIMday e-Tools and Methods 
    Organiser: Ingela Nyström 
    Address: Ångströmlaboratoriet, UU 
    Date: 20131127 
    Comment: Approximately 40 participants (researchers and company representatives) attended this academy-industry meeting organized by eSSENCE. The questions discussed came from, for example, the insurance market, the drug discovery branch, the architecture business, and the crane systems industry.

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