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Annual Report 2009

Centre for Image Analysis

Cover: Illustrations from two of the PhD theses presented at CBA during 2009. Further information in Section 4.2.

Amalka Pinidiyaarachchi -- Mouse embryonic fibroblast cell nuclei segmentation in 3D

Maria Axelsson -- Volume rendering of the estimated three-dimensional fibre orientation in a wood fibre composite (plastic reinforced with wood fibres). The plastic material is made transparent and the fibres are coloured according to the estimated orientation in each voxel neihbourhood.

Cover design:
Gustaf Kylberg, Hamid Sarve

Edited by:
Ewert Bengtsson, Vladimir Curic, Ingela Nyström, Robin Strand, Lena Wadelius, Erik Wernersson

Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala, Sweden

Printed in Sweden by University Printers, Uppsala University, 2009

There are some additions in the online version (this document) compared to the printed version.

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