Post graduate course in
Application Oriented Image Analysis
Fall 2009

Course information

Do you use images as a data source in your research (for example tomographic images, microscopy images, "ordinary" photographs, or satellite images)? How do you analyze these images? Would you like to make use of interactive or automatic image analysis?

This fall semester, the Center for Image Analysis (which is a collaboration between SLU and UU) gives a course in basic digital image analysis. The course is intended for graduate students in other disciplines. The objective is to provide the students with sufficient knowledge to use image processing and analysis in her/his area of research. The course is application-oriented in the sense that we concentrate on basic concepts and general methodology and do not go too deeply into the underlying mathematics although mathematics can not be avoided completely.

The course gives 7.5 hp (five weeks of full-time study) and contains:
Digital images, data capture, storage, image representation, digitalization, resolution, sampling
Image processing: image filtering, convolution, restoration, geometric correction, image enhancement, compression
Image analysis: segmentation, feature extraction, region representation, binary images, chain codes, multivariate images, classification, examples of applications
Remote sensing: satellite images, imaging spectrometry, multispectral classification
Feature handling: digital geometry and shapes, mathematical morphology
Information extraction: feature calculations and measurement of images, pattern recognition, decision models; examples of applications

There will be three half-day exercises in addition to 16 two-hour lectures.

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