Digital Image Analysis for Scientific Applications

8 credits

Learning outcomes

To pass, the student should be able to

§  Explain fundamental notions on computerized image analysis, such as digitizing, image enhancement, segmentation and classification of features.

§  Describe fundamental notions on research ethics and methodology in image analysis.

§  Use software for solving image analysis problems.

§  Analyze and outline the steps necessary to solve a realistic image analysis problem in the student’s own research area.

§  Understanding when image analysis can be a solution to a specific problem and when it will probably fail.

§  Carry out a project on a specific problem in the student’s own research area.


Digitization, Filtering, Segmentation, Feature extraction, Shape description, Classification, Color, Compression, Research ethics in image analysis, Research methodology in image analysis.

A selection of lectures on advanced topics including: Image registration, Advanced image segmentation, Interactive image processing, Cell image analysis, Image based screening, Medical image analysis, Image analysis in other research areas


Lectures, laboratory work, projects.


Approved laboratory work. Written exam. Oral and written project presentations.