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PhD thesis

Ranefall P. (1998)Towards automatic quantification of immunohistochemistry using colour image analysis, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Uppsala 1998, ISSN 1104-232X; ISBN 91-554-4152-1.

In Thesis

Ranefall P, Nordin B, Bengtsson E. (1997) A New Method for Creating a Pixelwise Box classifier for Colour Images. Machine Graphics and Vision, 6, 305–323.

Ranefall P, Egevad L, Nordin B, Bengtsson E. (1997) A new method for segmentation of colour images applied to immunohistochemically stained cell nuclei. Analytical Cellular Pathology, 15, 145–156.

Ranefall P, Wester K, Bengtsson E. (1998) Automatic quantification of immunohistochemically stained cell nuclei using unsupervised image analysis. Analytical Cellular Pathology, 16, 29–43.

Ranefall P, Wester K, Andersson AC, Busch C, Bengtsson E. (1998) Automatic quantification of immunohistochemically stained cell nuclei based on standard reference cells. Analytical Cellular Pathology, 17, 111–23.

Ranefall P, Wester K, Busch C, Malmström PU, Bengtsson E. (1998) Automatic quantification of microvessels using unsupervised image analysis. Analytical Cellular Pathology, 17, 83–92.

Other peer reviewed publications

Ranefall P, Nordin B, Bengtsson E. (1995) Finding Facial Features Using an HLS Colour Space. In, 8th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing. Springer Verlag, pp. 191–196.

Hellström M, Ranefall P, Wester K, Brändstedt S, Busch C. (1997) Effect of androgen deprivation on epithelial and mesenchymal tissue components in localized prostate cancer. British Journal of Urology, 79, 421–426.

Thurfjell L, Ranefall P, Bengtsson E. (1998) A Deformable Atlas of the Chest Based on the Visible Man. Machine Graphics and Vision, 7, 176–186.

Wester K, Ranefall P, Bengtsson E, Busch C, Malmström PU. (1999) Automatic quantification of microvessel density in urinary bladder carcinoma. British Journal of Cancer, 81, 1363–1370.

Wester K, Andersson AC, Ranefall P, Bengtsson E, Malmstrom PU, Busch C. (2000) Cultured human fibroblasts in agarose gel as a multi-functional control for immunohistochemistry. Standardization of Ki67 (MIBI) assessment in routinely processed urinary bladder carcinoma tissue. JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY, 190, 503–511.

Wester K, Wahlund E, Sundstrom C, Ranefall P, Bengtsson E, Russell PJ, Ow KT, Malmstrom PU, Busch C. (2000) Paraffin section storage and immunohistochemistry - Effects of time, temperature, fixation, and retrieval protocol with emphasis on p53 protein and MIB1 antigen. APPLIED IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR MORPHOLOGY, 8, 61–70.

Ranefall P, Bidar AW, Hockings PD. (2009) Automatic segmentation of intra-abdominal and subcutaneous adipose tissue in 3D whole mouse MRI. J Magn Reson Imaging, 30, 554–60.

Clausson CM, Arngården L, Ishaq O, Klaesson A, Kühnemund M, Grannas K, Koos B, Qian X, Ranefall P, Krzywkowski T, Brismar H, Nilsson M, Wählby C, Söderberg O. Compaction of rolling circle amplification products increases signal integrity and signal–to–noise ratio / 2015 Sci Rep. 2015 Jul 23;5:12317. doi: 10.1038/srep12317.

Sadanandan SK, Baltekin O, Magnusson KEG, Boucharin A, Ranefall P, Jalden J, Elf J, Wahlby C. (2015) Segmentation and Track-analysis in Time-lapse Imaging of Bacteria. Selected Topics in Signal Processing, IEEE Journal of (Volume:PP , Issue: 99)

Ranefall P, Wählby C. (2016) Global Gray-level Thresholding Based on Object Size. Cytometry Part A, 89:4, 385–390.

Ranefall P, Sadanandan SK, Wählby C. Fast Adaptive Local Thresholding Based on Ellipse Fit (International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI'16), Prague, Czech Republic, April 13-16, 2016)

Kecheril Sadanandan S, Ranefall P, Wählby C. Feature augmented deep neural networks for segmentation of cells. Computer Vision – ECCV 2016 Workshops: Part I. 2016. p. 231–43.

Gibbs A, Buggert M, Ranefall P, Introini A, Cheuk S, Eidsmo L, Hirbod T, Ball T B, Kimani J, Kaul R, Karlsson A C, Wählby C, Broliden K, Tjernlund A. Analysis of the distribution of CD103 on CD8 T cells in blood and genital mucosa of HIV-infected female sex workers (Conference on HIV Research for Prevention (HIV R4P), 2016, October 17–20, Chicago, IL, October 17-20, 2016)

Bombrun M, Ranefall P, Lindblad J, Allalou A, Partel G, Solorzano L, Qian X, Nilsson M, Wählby C. Decoding gene expression in 2D and 3D. Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis (SCIA), June 12-14 2017, Tromsö, Norway, p. 257–68.

Kecheril Sadanandan S, Ranefall P, Le Guyader S, Wählby C. Automated training of deep convolutional neural networks for cell segmentation. Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, E-ISSN 2045-2322, Vol. 7, 7860.

Bombrun M, Gao H, Ranefall P, Mejhert N, Arner P, Wählby C. Quantitative High-Content/High-Throughput Microscopy Analysis of Lipid Droplets in Subject-Specific Adipogenesis Models. Cytometry Part A. 2017. doi:10.1002/cyto.a.23265