Professor Ingela Nyström's research interest is interactive segmentation, visualisation, digital geometry, and quantitative shape analysis of volume images with their medical applications. The career has developed from her background with a MSc degree in applied computer science and mathematics, and the PhD degree in computerised image analysis from Uppsala University, Sweden, in 1991, and in 1997, respectively.

She has held a number of leadership positions and is currently the Head of Division of Visual Information and Interaction at the Dept. of Information Technology, UU, and since 2012 the Director of the Centre for Image Analysis. During 2006-2011, she was the Director of the Uppsala high-performance computer centre SNIC-UPPMAX and during 2011-2015 Coordinator of eSSENCE, a strategic effort in e-Science.

In addition, she has served on a number of committees and organisations - at the University, nationally, and internationally. One example is that she was board member of the Faculty of Science of Technology, Uppsala University during 2011-2014. Early in her career in 2000, she was elected board member (President 2002-2006) of the Swedish Society for Automated Image Analysis (SSBA) and continued to serve in the board until 2012. During later ten years, she has served as member of the Executive Committee (2nd Vice-President 2008-2010, Secretary 2010-2014, President 2014-2016, Past President 2016-2018) of the International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR). She is the Vice-Chair of the Council for Research Infrastructure (RFI), Vetenskapsrådet, and a council member since 2014.

Ingela Nyström
Updated 2018