Recent Results in Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, Spring 2006

Course schedule

Course start: Wednesday April 19, 2006 at 13:15.
There will be five two-hour seminars during the period May 9 to June 13, 2006.
See schedule below.
The seminars will be held in the CBA seminar room.


The goal of the course is to widen the patricipants' knowledge in pattern recognition and computer vision.


PRCV handbook      

The content is selected chapters from the book
Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision,
3rd Edition, C. H. Chen and P. S. P. Wang, editors, World Scientific, 2005

Prior knowledge

The course is intended for PhD students in image analysis and related areas. 10 credits in image analysis are required.


To obtain 3 credits the following should be accomplished

Course organizers

Prof. Gunilla Borgefors 018-471 34 66
Doc. Ingela Nyström 018-471 34 70


Date Time Content Presenter
April 19
13:15-14:00 Course presentation, distribution of material Gunilla Borgefors
Ingela Nyström
    Study period  
May 23
13:15-15:00 2.4 Digital Distance Transforms in 2D, 3D, and 4D
2.3 Skeletonization in 3D Discrete Binary Images
Gunilla Borgefors
Ingela Nyström
May 30
13:15-15:00 2.5 Computing Global Shape Measures
2.6 Texture Analysis with Local Binary Patterns
Hamid Sarve
Magnus Gedda
June 1
10:15-12:00 1.3 A New Kernel-based Formalization of Minimum Error Pattern Recognition
3.8 Multisensor Fusion with Hyperspectral Imaging Data: Detection and Classification
Maria Axelsson
Patrick Karlsson
June 8
10:15-12:00 4.3 Palmprint Authentication System
4.4 Reconstruction of High-Resolution Facial Images for Visual Surveillance
Kristin Norell
Filip Malmberg
June 13
13:15-15:00 5.6 Auto-Detector: Mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition
1.5 Pattern Recognition with Local Invariant Features
Suthakar Somaskandan
Erik Vidholm
Extras - 1.2 Hidden Markov Models for Spatio-temporal Pattern Recognition
3.7 Wavelet-Based Kalman Filtering in Scale Space for Image Fusion
5.2 Performance Evaluation of Image Segmentation Algorithms
    Course final  

Suggestion for study

We suggest that the course participants meet informally a couple of times per week to discuss the studied material, especially during the study period (April 19 to May 23), but also throughout the course to better digest the material.

Welcome to the course!

Ingela Nyström
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