FNXCT : Software to analyse fibre networks of paper in XCT images

Developed by Erik Wernersson



Screenshots from version 2013-03-18.


As it is:


One volume is available for download to show how the pre processing is supposed to be done. The data is property of Innventia.



Volume preparation

1. Create a 3D matrix of type uint8 called V, e.g.:
V = zeros([size(I,1), size(I,2), numberOfImages], 'uint8');
2. Prepare the data so that 0 corresponds to air and that 255 corresponds to fibre so that 128 corresponds to half fibre and half air.
3. Copy the data to V
4. Save V in a .mat file, i.e.,
save('-v7.3','myvolume.mat', 'V')
5. Run main.m and select myvolume.mat


At the moment, there is no documentation other than this site, the paper and the code. The program is intended to be used in the following manner: