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                 Department of Information Technology
                 Uppsala University
                 Box 337
                 SE-751 05 Uppsala
  • Phone : +46 18 471 3462
  • Fax : +46 18 511 925
  • e-Mail : christophe.avenel 'at'
  • Office : 2103 B


  • 2013 - 2015
    • Post-Doc : Replacing subjective diagnosis of prostate cancer with automatic malignancy grading.
      The overall aim of the Decision Support System for the Prognostication of Prostate Cancer is to develop a high-throughput prognostic system in order to identify and separate slow-growing prostate cancer from more aggressive types. We have developed a prototype prostate cancer grading system that is based on image analysis, a new tissue stain, mathematical morphology, statistics, and machine vision. We have built a training data set with 650 images of prostate cancer tissue, each with a dominant Gleason pattern. This data has been consensus graded by thirteen internationally prominent pathologists from seven countries.
      With Ingrid Carlbom in Centre for Image Analysis (Department of Intormation Technology - Uppsala).

    2012 - 2013
    • Post-Doc : Modification of image segmentation algorithms for efficient multi-core and many-core computation in a breast cancer framework.
      With Dominique Béréziat, Pierre Fortin and Jean-Luc Lamotte in PEQUAN team (UPMC), in ANR MICO project.
    • Post-Doc : Parallelisation of the Table Maker's Dilemma.
      With Pierre Fortin and Stef Graillat in PEQUAN team (UPMC), in ANR TAMADI project.
  • 2008 - 2011
    • Ph.D. : Tracking closed curves with non-linear stochastic filters.
      We introduce a non-linear stochastic filtering technique to track the state of a free curve from image data. In that purpose, we design a continuous-time dynamics that allows us to infer inter-frame deformations. The curve is defined by an implicit level-set representation and the stochastic dynamics is expressed on the level-set function.
      Directed by Etienne Mémin and Patrick Pérez in VISTA team (IRISA).

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