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Anders Hast

After exactly one year of silence it is time to launch the new website! It is still under construction, but it will eventually replace this page! Please visit: My new research page =
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Anders Hast

  • Radial Line Fourier descriptor for historical handwritten text representation.
    A. Hast, E. Vats.
    Journal of WSCG, ISSN 1213-6972, Vol. 26, No. 1, Reviewed, Journal. pp. 31-40. 2018.
  • An Intelligent User Interface for Efficient Semi-automatic Transcription of Historical Handwritten Documents.
    A. Hast, E. Vats.
    ACM Intelligent User Interface (IUI) Conference, Reviewed, Poster and Paper. pp. 1-2. 2018.
  • Easy Access and Transcription of Medieval Manuscripts.
    A. Hast, E. Vats.
    2:nd Graduate Conference in Book History, Utrecht Centre for Medieval Studies, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2 February, Abstract. pp. 1. 2018.
  • Learning Surrogate Models of Document Image Quality Metrics for Automated Document Image Processing,.
    P. Singh, E. Vats, A. Hast.
    13th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS, Reviewed, Full Paper. pp. 1-6. 2018.
More papers as well as Bibtex references are found in the List of Publications