Seminars at CBA, Spring 2005

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Kvalitetskontroll av flis för massatillverkning med datoriserad bildanalys

Kristin Norell

(In Swedish)

A medial grey-level based representataion for molecules in volume images

Ida-Maria Sintorn

Digital lines with irrational slope - theory

Hania Uscka - Wehlou

Object segmentation in color images

Per Holting

The Euclidean distance transform applied to the fcc and bcc grids

Robin Strand

Haptic volume rendering based on gradient vector flow

Erik Vidholm

Mean shift filtering

Patrick Karlsson

On the language of discrete planes and surfaces

Damien Jamet

Suspended Matters Impact on Color Reconstruction in Underwater Images

Julia Åhlén

Converting a digital camera into a spectrometer

Hamed Hamid Muhammed

Gas jet impinging on liquid surface: Cavity shape modelling and video-based estimation

Magnus Evestedt

Analysing the void space of porous material (for example paper)

Stina Svensson

Introduction to CVS

Magnus Gedda

Mathematical Morphology for the Classification of Remote Sensing Images from Urban Images

Jocelyn Chanussot

Lite om University of Queensland och min forskning där

Ewert Bengtsson

Spatial and spectral analysis of fluorescing blobs

Carolina Wählby

Imaging paper with X-ray microtomography

Maria Axelsson

Object Detection and Tracking in Video

Prof. Ranga Kasturi

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
University of South Florida
Tampa FL, USA

A New and more Appropriate Application of Principal Component Analysis for Improvement of Image Quality and Clinical Diagnosis of Human Brain in PET Studies

Pasha Razifar

Creating Quality Imagery and Video from Inexpensive UAV - through determining Camera Motion and 3D Structure

Harald Klomp & Jakob Sandström

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