Seminars at CBA, Fall 2003

Measuring the Length of the Intersection of a Line and a Digital Volume

Daniel Eliasson

Open Boundary Conditions for Shallow Water Waves Propagation

Fredrik Bergholm

Volume rendering using graphics and haptics

Erik Vidholm

Is Fusion Imaging a better solution?

Pasha Razifar

Classification of handwritten numbers

Felix Wehrmann

Sea Surface Correction of Ikonos Images to Improve Bottom Mapping in Near-Shore Environments

Julia Åhlen

Cognitive Vision

Hamed Hamid Muhammed

Segmentation and Visualisation of Human Brain Structures

Roger Hult

Molecular Analysis of Cancer Cells in Context

Stephen Lockett
National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland, USA

Algorithms for Applied Digital Image Cytometry

Carolina Wählby

Classification of tree crowns into tree species

Mats Eriksson

Research Related to Biomaterials, i.e. Implants For Application in Man

Carina B Johansson

Shape signature of fuzzy sets based on distance from centroid

Jocelyn Chanussot

A "review" of vascular segmentation

Xavier Tizon

Computer-based Morphometric Assessment of Spiral Ganglion Neurite Outgrowth in vitro using Image Processing

Henrik Boström and Tomas Lundström

Work in progress: Segmentation and separation of flourescent markers

Patrick Karlsson

Super-resolution and Resolution Conversion by Discrete Geometry

Atsushi IMIYA
National Institute of Informatics, IMIT, Chiba University, Japan

Computer Graphics in Sweden and Fast Intensity Distribution Functions for Soft and Hard Edged Spotlights

Anders Hast

A demonstration of a program for image anlysis written in Java

Erik Andersson

Digital straight lines in the Khalimsky plane

Erik Melin

Digital lines - more practically

Hania Uscka-Wehlou

Hamed Hamid Muhammed
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