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Presentationsinformation     2007-04-20 (13:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Johannes Lärkner
Typ Master thesis presentation
Titel Vattennivåavläsning med kamerateknik - att ersätta gamla rutiner med ny teknik
Sammanfattning The aim of this Master Thesis is to investigate the possibility of replacing the water level gauge in a specific hydro power plant owned by Vattenfall AB with a camera surveillance system.

In the northern parts of Sweden the water in dams freeze during winter. In the spring, when the ice breaks up, the water level gauge gets damaged due to ice floes. One consequence of this phenomenon is that the engine operators of the power plant repeatedly have to replace the broken gauge with new ones. Another consequence is that the quality of the measurements of the water level is low while the gauge is in bad condition.

To explore the possibilities of replacing the gauge with a camera surveillance system both the technical and sociotechnical conditions were investigated. From a technical point of view there was no problem with the project and a program that calculates the water level in the dam was created in MATLAB. From a sociotechnical point of view on the other hand, the project could not be carried out. Due to the water decree, the water level gauges could not be replaced. Therefore, no camera surveillance system was implemented.