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Presentationsinformation     2007-03-19 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Joakim Lindblad
Titel Image analysis for quantitative estimation of seed vitality
Sammanfattning ThermoSeed cereal seed treatment is a new method for thermal seed treatment developed by SeedGard AB (prev. Acanova). The method makes it possible to produce seed free from seed-borne pathogens without using chemical seed dressing. By exposing seeds for precisely conditioned hot humid air, pathogens are rendered harmless without affecting seed germinability.

It is of interest to facilitate objective and accurate monitoring of how different treatments and different types of stress affects the vitality of seeds. During the autumn of 2005 computer software for automatic segmentation and separation of individual plants as well as for measuring relevant parameters, such as area and length, of the plants was developed. In early 2006 the software was delivered to SeedGard AB, where further testing and tuning of parameters followed. I will briefly present the developed software, and some initial results.