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Presentation Information     2007-04-23 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Magnus Gedda
Title MET Protein Stalk Flexibility Description
Abstract The MET protein controls growth, invasion, and metastasis in cancer cells and is thereby of interest to study, for example from a structural point of view. For individual particle imaging by Cryo-Electron Tomography (Cryo-ET) of the MET protein, or other macromolecular structures, dedicated image analysis methods are required to extract information in a robust way as the images have low contrast and resolution (with respect to the size of the imaged structure). We present a method to, from Cryo-ET data, identify the two parts of the MET protein, $\beta$-propeller and stalk, using a fuzzy framework. Furthermore, we describe how a representation of the MET stalk, denoted {\it stalk curve}, can be identified based on the use of non-uniform B-splines. The stalk curve is then used to extract relevant geometrical information about the stalk, e.g., to facilitate curvature, end-to-end distance, and length measurements.