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Presentation Information     2018-12-03 (15:15)   •  4307

Speaker Katerina Cerna  (HCI)
Type External presentation
Title Self-monitoring Data in Healthcare: Transformation of Nursesí Work Practice
Abstract Implementation of new digital infrastructures that allow access to the self-monitoring data of patients can help solve upcoming problems in health care. But at the same time, it will transform the present working conditions and pose new requirements about the health care professionalsí work practices and knowledge. Considering the way the nursesí work relies on personal patient data, it might be their professional knowledge domain that will undergo the most significant changes. Therefore this thesis argues that having the possibility to access self-monitoring data of patients will change the nursesí work practice. The aim of this thesis is to investigate how specifically the nursesí work practice will be changed and what the implications are when the nurses produce and maintain their professionally relevant knowledge in relation to the patientsí self-monitoring data. This thesis draws on an ethnographic study conducted within a pelvic cancer rehabilitation centre. The centre is part of an interdisciplinary project called EfterCancern (EfterCancern.se) and aims to improve lives of cancer survivors. The thesis focuses on the nursesí work practice in relation to the development and use of a mobile application that supports collecting data about patients' symptoms and behaviours, i.e. self-monitoring data. Following themes were explored through a range of qualitative methods: how nurses produce and maintain professional knowledge in their work practice, the consequences of nurses participating in a design process of the mobile application, how to design for an existing clinical practice and how the nursesí talk with patients changes when they get access to the patientsí self-monitoring data.