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Presentation Information     2018-11-12 (15:15)   •  4307

Speaker Sebastian Wallkötter
Title Impact and the Small Worlds of Citation Networks
Abstract Why do some research papers make an impact and others don’t? Is it just better science? I sometimes find myself reading a new paper and thinking: “I don’t understand. Why does this have so many citations?” To answer this question, I looked into the literature searching for factors that predict impact and that are not related to content, i.e. unrelated to good science. I want to use this seminar to share my findings with you, presenting 5 things that reliably correlate with citation count. Following up, I will briefly present a related project where I try to make sense of the interaction and importance of different conferences, journals and papers in my field using graph theory. As it can be applied in any field (and sub-field) it is an idea worth sharing. It might be a better metric then raw citation count or impact factor. The last 20 minutes I will reserve for discussion, as I am curious what tips and tricks our seniors have picked up over the years when it comes to writing papers that are interesting and “make an impact”.