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Presentationsinformation     2007-02-19 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Hamid Sarve
Titel Analysis of Histological Images and SRuCT Image Volumes of Bone Remodeling Around Implants
Sammanfattning Manually performed measurements (in the light-microscope) of bone area and bone-implant contact length around the implant in histological images are time consuming and subjective. In this talk, I will present an automatic method for this purpose which is then compared to the manual one. Significant difference in the length values of the estimation of the bone-implant contact were observed, revealing greater numbers for the automatic method compared to the manual. These differences are most likely due to staining artifacts. However, the area measurements of the automatic method correspond well with the manual method.

Furthermore, I will give a brief description of the initial investigation of the use of tomography imaging methods to quantify bone remodeling around implants. The synchrotron radiation based microtomography technique (SRuCT) seems to be suitable for an subsequent analysis of bone tissue integration.