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Presentation Information     2007-02-12 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Stina Svensson
Title Distance weighted propagation of gradient magnitudes OR how to avoid edge binarisation in Hierarchical Chamfer Matching
Abstract I will talk about a modification of the Hierarchical Chamfer Matching Algorithm (HCMA) with the effect that the edge binarisation step can be skipped. HCMA is a template matching algorithm used in many applications. A distance transform (DT) from binarised edges in the search image is used to guide the template to good positions. Local minima of a function using the distance values hit by the template correspond to potential matches.

The proposed modification is to use distance weighted propagation of gradient magnitude information as a cost image instead of a DT from the edges. By this as much information as possible is kept until later in the matching process and, hence, we decrease the risk of discarding good matches in the edge detection and binarisation process.

Distance weighted propagation of gradient magnitude information can be useful also in other algorithm.

This work is done in cooperation with Ida-Maria Sintorn (earlier CBA, currently at CSIRO, Sydney, Australia).