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Presentation Information     2018-09-03 (15:15)   •  4307

Speaker Lars Oestreicher  (HCI)
Title Sustainable software - The return of the Task Analysis
Abstract "A long time ago, in a department far, far away, a lonely Jedi fought to program droids to do the will of the Wheeled People... then came the Y2K and the world was once again under threatů now everyone were waiting for The Return of the Task Analysis..." [trumpet fanfare]

In this seminar, I will present some (not completely finished) new (?) thoughts about software development in relation to Human-Computer Interaction. During the presentation, I will also revisit my work on Task Analysis for Human-Robot Interaction in the context of Disability Research, as well as some developments that have been reached during the progressive development of the courses in User Interface Programming over the years. All this taken together, this seminar will end in a suggestion for how to improve on the development of sustainable software with the return of the Task Analysis4.0 (or whichever number we are now considering, maybe even X.0).