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Presentation Information     2018-01-15 (15:15)   •  4307

Speaker Gerolf Nauwerck  (HCI)
Title Hägerstrand’s time-geography as a possible approach for HCI in the wild
Abstract Research in HCI is cross disciplinary by nature. Here, I will briefly outline the time-geographic approach (Hägerstrand, 1970) and discuss possible applications, especially for HCI in the wild. Time-geography is one of the more well known Swedish contributions to social science, it is for instance included in Giddens' structuraiton theory. The qualitative applications will be the main focus of the presentation. However, Hägerstrand was also a pioneer in the area of geographic information systems (GIS). As a result, there are highly quantitative and computer intensive applications of time-geography, and these can also be interesting to HCI, both as applications and as objects of study.