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Presentation Information     2018-09-10 (15:15)   •  4307

Speaker Thomas Lind  (HCI)
Title The (im-)possibility of predicting the impact of IT on health care work
Abstract This will be a brief presentation based on preliminary analysis of interviews with people responsible for maintaining the health IT systems in Region Uppsala, responsible e.g. in that they manage the relationship with the developer/vendor, provide local support to health care staff, configure the workflows in a system, or a combination/all of the above. My original purpose for conducting these interviews was to find out what possibility, if any, these people had of predicting the impact of changes to IT systems or the introduction of new IT on the work environment of the intended users "on the floor". The preliminary results are rather bleak. I hope to spend about half of the seminar presenting findings and one half discussing implications and perhaps strategies for overcoming some of the identified challenges.