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Presentationsinformation     2018-01-15 (14:15)   •  4307

Talare Lovisa Lugnegård  (CBA)
Typ Master thesis presentation
Titel Microscope simulator for the HASTE project
Sammanfattning In this seminar I will present the outcome of my master thesis which I have done within the HASTE (Hierarchical Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Data) project here at the Department of Information Technology. The HASTE project aims to develop a system to acquire, analyse, interpret and store image data in an efficient way. The thesis was to develop a microscope simulator which can be used when developing and testing the rest of the system. The simulator uses already existing images of lipid nanoparticles which are streamed to emulate a real microscope. Also, the streaming framework Apache Kafka has been evaluated for streaming large images within the SNIC Science Cloud.