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Presentation Information     2017-09-15 (08:15)   •  2446

Speaker Netta Iivari, Olle Bälter, José Abdelnour Nocera, Tone Bratteteig   (HCI)
Type External presentation
Title Seminars by Thomas Lind's thesis committee and opponent
Abstract 8.15-8.55. Netta Iivari will give a seminar on "Participatory Design and Technology Making with Children" 8.55-9.35. Olle Bälter will give a seminar on "Open Learning Initiative in Stanford’s Digitalized University Courses" 9.35-9.50 Coffee break 9.50-10.30. José Abdelnour Nocera will give a seminar related to HCI Education. 10.30-11.10. Tone Bratteteig will give a seminar on "Research Methods when Design is Part of the Research"