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Presentation Information     2017-10-23 (14:15)   •  4307

Speaker Heung-Kook Choi  (CBA)
Title Stroke outcomes are worse with larger leukoaraiosis volumes
Abstract We aimed to generate rigorous graphical and statistical reference data based on volumetric measurements for assessing the relative severity of white matter hyperintensities (WMHs) in patients with stroke. We prospectively mapped WMHs from 2699/5035 patients with first-ever ischemic stroke enrolled consecutively from 11 nationwide stroke centers, from patient (fluid-attenuated-inversion-recovery) MRIs onto a standard brain template set. Using multivariable analyses, we assessed the impact of major and minor risk factors on WMH variability. We have produced a large reference data library showing the location and quantity of WMHs as topographical frequency-volume maps. This easy-to-use graphical reference data set allows the quantitative estimation of the severity of WMH as a percentile rank score. For all patients, multivariable analysis showed that age, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and left ventricular hypertrophy were independently associated with increasing WMH. We have generated a novel graphical WMH grading system, correlated to risk factors and adjusted for age/hypertension.