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Presentationsinformation     2006-12-04 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Anders Berggren
Typ Master thesis presentation
Titel Image Analysis Methods for Measuring the Outer Layer in the Secondary Cell Wall of Wood Cells
Sammanfattning Certain properties of the cell structure among different species of wood effect production of wood products in diverse ways. In order to optimize the usage of a raw material it is needed to increase its comprehension, thus it can be used more efficiently.

The tools used by wood scientists today to understand structural differences in the wood cell are manual and therefore uncertain and time consuming. This implicates that they are not well suited for statistical analysis. One aim of this master thesis project has been to explore the possibility of letting image analyze methods speed up and increase reliability of wood cell characteristics evaluation.

One usable application of a faster wood cell structure evaluating tool is in the production of paper pulp. Wood cells consist of a cell wall, which is divided into three layers, the S1- S2- and S3 layer. Tree scientists believe that the first layer plays a determining role when wood fibers (cells) are made ready for paper pulp production. The thicker it is, the more energy is needed to be consumed in order to make the fibers ready for paper pulp production. Is it possible with image analyze methods to distinguish a width difference between different species, thus the best suited raw material is used in paper pulp production?

The presentation will mainly focus on a proposed image acquisition- and segmentation method. Also, measuring results of S1 layers from two different species will be presented. The presentation will be given in English.