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Presentationsinformation     2017-10-09 (14:15)   •  4307

Talare Leslie Solorzano  (CBA)
Titel Image analysis for WSI, a gastric cancer application
Sammanfattning Digital pathology and whole slide imaging of tissue (WSI) pose challenges for image analysis and methods have to be revisited in order to gather and visualize information more efficiently. Within the TissueMaps project, several lines of work are being developed in parallel. 1) General methods for cell and tissue quantification. 2) Method implementation. 3) Tool development. 4) Real applications. In this seminar I will present an application on gastric cancer proposed to us by a team of collaborators in the University of Porto. For this project we want to develop methods and tools to allow the identification of cancer biomarker signatures for diagnostics and treatment. Relate tumour heterogeneity and biomarkers (genotypic and phenotypic) to treatment resistance and/or tumour relapse.