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Presentation Information     2017-03-20 (15:15)   •  4307

Speaker Ewert Bengtsson  (CBA)
Title Image processing and its hardware support. Analysis vs synthesis - historical trends
Abstract Computers can be used to handle images in two fundamentally different ways. They can be used to analyze images to obtain quantitative data or some image understanding. And they can be used to create images that can be displayed through computer graphics and visualization. For both of these purposes it is of interest to develop efficient ways of representing, compressing and storing the images. While SCIA, the Scandinavia Conference of Image Analysis, according to its name is mainly concerned with the former aspect of images, it is interesting to note that image analysis throughout its history has been strongly influenced also by developments on the visualization side. At the 20th SCIA I will reflecting on what factors have been important in forming the development of the field. In this seminar I will present some thoughts in preparation for that presentation. To understand where you are it is good to know where you come from and it may even help you understand where you are going.