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Presentation Information     2017-01-23 (15:15)   •  4307

Speaker Mohammad Obaid  (HCI)
Title Understanding and Designing Human-Agent Interactions
Abstract My research is in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Robot Interactions. Specifically, my focus is to investigate topics that relate to shaping the interaction relationship between humanoid agents (robots/virtual agents) and the human user/s. The motive of the research focus is the fact that we will increasingly see agents interacting with us on daily bases, and the challenges that it comes with to establish a seamless interaction. Some of the challenges include understanding the human-agent social interactions, the technical advancements to allow for seamless interactions, and evaluation methodologies to assess its applicability in real-world scenarios. In this talk I will outline a number of the projects I have worked with that address human-agent interaction, including topics gestural control of humanoid robots and understanding human-robot proxemics.