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Presentation Information     2016-11-07 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Alexandru Telea
Comment The Institute Johann Bernoulli, University of Groningen
Type External presentation
Title Medial descriptors: Myths, challenges, solutions, and new applications
Abstract Medial descriptors, or skeletons, are known in both research and practice since decades. However, despite several new results in the last decade, such descriptors are still perceived to face a number of challenges: Their computation for complex and high-resolution shapes is still expensive; regularization (to eliminate instability due to noise) is an open problem; theoretical connections between 2D medial axes and 3D medial surfaces and curve skeletons are not complete; and the usage of medial descriptors in practical applications is still limited, mainly to segmentation, path planning, and animation. The aim of this talk is double: To shed more light on these challenges, separating hard problems from technical ones; and to show how the latter can be elegantly and efficiently solved. In particular, we will show how accurate 3D medial surfaces can be computed in real-time for objects having millions of sample points; how all types of known Euclidean medial descriptors, including their multiscale regularization, can be captured (and computed) in a single framework; and how medial descriptors can be used in novel application areas such as image compression and information visualization.