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Presentation Information     2016-08-29 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Anders Hast  (CBA)
Title An automatic registration method for non blind bleed-through restoration of hand written documents
Abstract It is quite common for old handwritten documents that the back side of the document interferes with the front side because of the transparency of the document or ink bleeding. To perform so called non-blind show-through/bleed-through restoration, the front and back sides must first be registered so that the interference on both sides is aligned with its originating text from the opposite side. We propose an automatic approach that uses a feature detector based on the Fourier transform and will therefore not be sensitive to the fact that the back and front sides are quite different when it comes to intensities. Furthermore, it is shown how the registration can handle distortions and misalignments, which are quite common since old documents usually are not perfectly flat.