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Presentation Information     2016-06-08 (10:30)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Tony Barrera
Comment Autodidact Freelance Mathematician
Type External presentation
Title The Grand Unified Theory: From quarks and atoms to Galaxies
Abstract By using the Schwarzschild solution of the gravitational equation by Einstein and using a Riemann-Christoffel tensor together with Christoffel symbols of general relativity, a useful potential function is obtained. By combining the Schwarzschild solution with quaternions, a solution is obtained of the extended t-parameter Einstein energy tensor. This leads to information about conservation of energy and the sum of forces equal to zero. The mass term of the Schwarzschild solution can be divided into several similar masses of physics like gravitation, electromagnetic force, weak interaction and strong interaction. By using the Dynamic Relativistic Laplace Equation (DRLE) in rectangular coordinates this equation has a complex solution similar to a light wave. Similar calculations have been derived with spherical coordinates giving similar solutions for different systems like galaxies, planets, molecules, atoms and atomic nuclei. Many examples of these different systems are shown here by using DRLE. These calculations can be further verified by using a 5-dimensional ultrasphere and calculations using geodetic lines, giving information about flat space time and linear space.