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Presentation Information     2016-06-20 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Edward White  (HCI)
Title Border theory, afterhours mobile phone communications and its effects.
Abstract This study looks if mobile phones has altered the flow of afterhours communication between work and home, and by doing so affecting the balance between the two. This work extends Sue Campbell Clark Border theory, which is described as the ability of an individual to manage and control the transitions between the home and work domains in order to attain balance(Clark, 2000). It however fails to mention if mobile phones would influence the “enactment” of the border. In order to compensate for the limitation of border theory and the vaguely defined term of enactment, the researcher of this study put forward the notion that self-regulation can replace the concept of enactment in dealing with the flow of communication. To test these hypotheses a mixed methods methodology using thematic content analysis, which found three user groups, and linear regressions analysis which determined self-regulation is effective in mediating work-family conflict and self-esteem.