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Presentation Information     2016-04-04 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Anne-Kathrin Peters  (HCI)
Comment UpCERG
Title Computing as Back-end Programming and the Importance of Learning Human Computer Interaction
Abstract I have followed Computer Science and Information Technology Engineering Students from the beginning of their studies over a period of three years, aiming to understand the studentsí relationship to the discipline and how it changes during their education. One result is that many students seem to relate to their studies in terms of back-end programming, doing what is not visible to the user. This seems to be valued as the difficult, and central thing to do in Computing. In comparison, doing front-end, design, considering usability, is referred to as peripheral or less interesting. In-line with these findings, the students reflect rather critical about the human computer interaction course. In this seminar, I want to explain and discuss these findings, as well as ideas on how to meet the students to help them experience this course as important.