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Presentation Information     2015-10-19 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Anders Jansson  (HCI)
Title Beyond CWA and EID: Towards a Single Ontology for Mind and Matter
Abstract In this talk, I will first shortly review the origins of Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) and Ecological Interface Design (EID), respectively. Second, I will give an overview of the Humans in Complex Systems (HiCS) track within the Uppsala HCI-tradition, and how research conducted by myself and others positions itself in relation to CWA and EID. Looking ahead, I will say some words about the need for different interaction and interface design strategies: Metaphorical, analogical and propositional representations rightly find their place in interface design, but when to use which strategy depends on whether the work domain and design space is correspondence-driven (law-driven) or coherence-driven (intention-driven). Further, a theoretical position that recognizes differences between separable, integral and configural stimulus dimensions is a good starting point when designing for and with domain experts. They are often in possession of skills we hardly appreciate. Much less can we measure these skills, nor try to reify them. This, of course, has its origins in the complex relation between ecology and awareness, a topic that reaches far beyond the discipline of HCI. For law-driven domains, it may be fruitful with a single ontology for both mind and matter: Humans and machines can be seen as Joint Cognitive Systems (JCS).