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Presentation Information     2015-09-14 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Marco Mignardi  (CBA)
Title Cellular barcoding for spatially resolved single-cell genomics
Abstract As a new member of the group, I will first describe the work done during my PhD and then I will discuss the project I intend to carry out during my postdoc. Currently, next-generation sequencing technologies are the methods of choice to study molecular heterogeneity at single-cell level. However, when it comes to tissue analysis these methods are limited in spatial resolution which is relevant information to describe many biological processes or in cancer diagnostics. My research activity will focus on the development of a method that enables spatially-resolved high-throughput genomics analysis of tissue sections with single-cell resolution. The method consists of a novel molecular barcoding approach to uniquely label and identify the cells composing a tissue. The cellular tagging can be achieved by several means and the barcodes are read by fluorescence imaging. The tissue section is then dissociated in single cells that are tested with single cell genomics techniques (high-throughput sequencing or multiplex qPCR) for gene expression or mutational analysis. By reading the molecular barcodes each cell can be identified and its molecular information can be located to the original position on the tissue.