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Presentation Information     2015-02-23 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Constantijn Belderbos
Comment TU Delft
Type Master thesis presentation
Title Design of a Human Machine Interface enabling Authority Transitions in Automated Vehicles
Abstract The goal of this thesis was to design a human machine interface that enables safe (for both driver and traffic), comfortable and adequate authority transitions in a highly automated vehicle. The new demands of interaction with automated vehicles during authority transitions was examined as a basis for the design of this type human machine interface. The HMI developed provides the driver with the specific required information in the manner and at the time desired in order to avoid an overload of mental capacity or workload. Within this thesis, the following research questions were addressed: - How is safety and comfort defined in relation to authority transitions in automated vehicles, which factors influence this safety and comfort and how do these factors influence the driverís behavior? - What kind of information should be provided, in what manner and at which moment in time or sequence should it be provided to regain the driving task in a safe and comfortable way during authority transitions? - How should the behavioral and information providing principles be integrated in the design of an HMI to provide these safe and comfortable authority transitions?