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Presentationsinformation     2015-05-25 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Lars Oestreicher
Titel Developing Interactive Music Environments for Children with Cognitive and severe Physical Impairments.
Sammanfattning Together with Årsta Särskola (school for children with special needs) I am conducting some pilot studies where electronic music and visualisation devices are used in order to shape a creative interactive environment where children with impairments shall be able to produce music and animated images using minimalistic interaction. Many of the children have motor difficulties which do not allow them to use traditional instruments, such as drums, flutes, guitars, etc. One initial inspiration to this project came from the use of a theremin, which is very difficult to play due to that a small change in input produces a large change in musical expression. This sensitivity is difficult for people with normal motor skills, but may be of advantage for children with limited mobility/control. From this initial idea, the vision of a creative interactive integrated environment has sprung, and the planning has now lead to a small pilot test suite. In the seminar I will describe some initial results from two (if there has been no problems) of these small pilot studies where the feasibility of the ideas will be tested. I will also show some of the potential tools we will use in the project. The intention is to apply for grants from VINNOVA, in the fall call.