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Presentation Information     2015-03-09 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Johan Nysjö
Title Fast interactive bone segmentation through 3D painting
Abstract In this seminar I will present ongoing work on a tool for interactive segmentation of individual bones and bone fragments in 3D CT images. This type of segmentation is crucial for virtual surgery planning and can take several hours to perform with conventional approaches, which often require tedious slice-by-slice editing. Our tool can produce an accurate segmentation in a few minutes. An interactive 3D painting interface enables the user to quickly identify and mark bone structures of interest by painting seeds directly on the bone surfaces. The segmentation is graph-based and is implemented on the GPU (using OpenCL) to enable rapid update and editing of the segmentation result. I will spend most of the talk giving a live demonstration of the tool. Main topics: computer graphics, image segmentation, GPGPU, 3D interaction.