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Presentation Information     2013-12-09 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Anne Peters
Title Identity Development of CS and IT Students – What’s the Role of Higher Education?
Abstract Previous research in STEM education demonstrates that students are engaged in a continuous process of identity development, trying to integrate their educational experiences with their perception of who they are, and who they wish to become. It appears increasingly apparent from this body of research that students are not well supported in this process by the education they currently receive. My phd research project aims at a better understanding of how students relate to the discipline of computer science and IT, who they become, and the role of higher education in this process. This goal necessitates the development of research methods and a theoretical framework. In a longitudinal study, I follow students from two degree programs at Uppsala University, Computer Science and Engineering I.T.. The students commenced their studies in 2012. So far, I have collected data from students during their first study year. In the data analysis, I have focused on students’ experiences of participation in the discipline. In the seminar, I will focus on first insights into identity development, research methods and theory used, and ideas about possible implications for education. My supervisors are Arnold Pears, Anna Eckerdal, and Anders Berglund. Michael Thuné has been contributing to this project as a mentor.