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Presentation Information     2013-12-16 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Bengt Sandblad
Title Work environment and health problems in IT-supported work.
Abstract More and more people spend more and more time doing more and more of their work using computers and other technological tools. In Sweden today, more than 75 % of all use computers daily at work. 40 % use computers more than 50 % of their working hours. 25 % of all spend 100 % of their work day at the computer. This of course means that the properties of the technology and the work place have a large impact on work conditions, possibilities to perform efficiently and on the workers’ work environment and health. Many investigations have shown that work environment and health problems are large and, unfortunately, increasing. This seminar will present existing knowledge about physical, psychosocial and cognitive work environment problems in computer supported work. But I will also present what we can do to improve the situation. Working with computers and technology should not cause health problems, but rather improve the work environment and our health