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Presentation Information     2013-02-18 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Carolina Wählby
Title Open source software for image processing - Why should we care when we can code ourselves?
Abstract While developing methods as part of your thesis work (both MSc and PhD) it is common to write code in Matlab, C and its variants. Once results are obtained and published, it is unfortunately also very common to hop on the next project (or job), and leave the code as it is, often in a shape difficult for others to use. In the case of Matlab, there is also the license issue, restricting the usage outside the university to those who are willing to pay expensive licensing fees. There is however a large community of algorithm developers that contribute their code to free and open-source projects such as ImageJ, Fiji, CellProfiler, ITK and VTK. These projects are also great sources for already implemented algorithms, and there is a much greater chance of someone actually using your code (and citing you) if you contribute to these projects. I will give a bit of an introduction to these projects, and show some examples of functionality and applications. This presentation will not be very theoretical, but I would, as part of the seminar, like to discuss the interest for inviting some of the 'gurus' in this field to give a tutorial/course at Vi2.