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Presentation Information     2012-12-17 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Håkan Selg
Title New contact patterns in professional life: SMS, chat, email and telephony – What tool for which use?
Abstract During recent years new digital contact devices have attained widespread diffusion. With a number of tools available; voice call, SMS, Instant Messaging and e-mail, what makes us choose one or another? In 2011 an on-line survey among members of Swedish Computer Association (Sw. Dataföreningen) was carried out in order to test 1) the impact of context – professional or private – on our choice of tools, and 2) how the social situations related to the particular contact influence our preferences. The respondents were asked to rate on a seven-level Likert scale each one of the four contact tools to be used in a specific situation. These situations were expressed as dichotomies of:
  • Performance requirement: Formal or informal?
  • Previous knowledge of contact person: Unknown or wellknown?
  • Motive for contact: To give or receive information (one-way communication) or to reach an agreement, meaning that some kind of negotiation is expected to occur (two-way communication)?
  • Finally, the importance of urgency was examined.
Correspondence analysis combined with perceptual maps was used in the examination of the data obtained. Among conclusions drawn is that the most influential factor on our choice of contact tool is our previous knowledge of the person to be contacted and with what kind of tool she or he is comfortable.