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Presentationsinformation     2012-09-26 (15:00)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Marine Astruc
Typ Master thesis presentation
Titel Cluster detection and field-of-view quality rating applied to automated Pap-smear analysis
Sammanfattning Automated cervical cancer screening systems require high resolution analysis of a large number of epithelial cells, involving complex algorithms, mainly analysing the shape and texture of cell nuclei. This can be a very time consuming process. An initial selection of relevant fields-of-view in low resolution images could limit the number of fields to be further analysed at a high resolution. In particular, the detection of cell clusters is of interest for nuclei segmentation improvement, and for diagnostic purpose, malignant and endometrial cells being more prone to stick together in clusters than other cells. I will present methods aiming at evaluating the quality of fields-of-view in bright-field microscope images of cervical cells. The approach consists in the construction of neighbourhood graphs using the nuclei as the set of vertices. Transformations are then applied on such graphs in order to highlight the main structures in the image. The methods result in the delineation of regions with varying cell density and the identification of cell clusters. Clustering methods are evaluated using a dataset of manually delineated clusters and compared to a related work.