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Presentationsinformation     2012-09-10 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Alexandra Pacureanu
Titel Making isotropic 3D imaging at microscopic scale accessible to every lab
Sammanfattning The ability to explore the 3D structure of biological specimens non-destructively is instrumental for life science. Many biological specimens with high relevance for basic research, such as model organisms or 3D cell cultures, are semi-transparent to visible light, and the internal structure is revealed by the variations in attenuation of light traversing the specimen. Through optical projection tomography (OPT), volumetric images can be reconstructed from a set of angular projections of the specimen. This method enables in-vivo imaging of relatively large samples with high spatial resolution. OPT of zebrafish embryos can provide 3D information enabling high-throughput screening of subtle phenotypic changes in relation to drug treatment. However the imaging systems are still quite sophisticated and costly. Therefore, we are developing a system for optical 3D isotropic imaging at microscopic scale, based on readily accessible hardware. The total price of the setup is kept under 1 000 euros and the components can be easily obtained around the world. The simple hardware is complemented with open source computational tools, embedding algorithms for image reconstruction and innovative algorithms to enhance the quality of the reconstructed images. Our goal is to enable every life sciences research laboratory to have access to valuable 3D information on biological specimens.