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Presentation Information     2012-06-04 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Karl Bengtsson Bernander & Kenneth Gustavsson
Type Master thesis presentation
Title Stochastic Watershed - A Comparison of Different Seeding Methods
Abstract We study modifications to the novel stochastic watershed method for segmentation of digital images. This is a stochastic version of the original watershed method which is repeatedly realized in order to create a probability density function for the segmentation. The study is primarily done on synthetic images with both same-sized regions and differently sized regions, and at the end we apply our methods on two endothelial cell images of the human cornea. We find that, for same-sized regions, the seeds should be placed in a spaced grid instead of a random uniform distribution in order to yield a more accurate segmentation. When images with differently sized regions are being segmented, the seeds should be placed dependent on the gradient, and by also adding uniform or gaussian noise to the image in every iteration a satisfactory result is obtained.