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Presentation Information     2012-03-19 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Ewert Bengtsson
Title Image analysis on different levels - European flagship and high school project work
Abstract This seminar will be a double feature demonstrating that image analysis can be highly relevant on all levels of research from school projects to multi-billion Euro, multi-disciplinary European research projects. A team from Rosendalsgymnasiet will demonstrate a “space mouse”, the result of their project work, a very low cost solution for real time 3D position input to a computer. The European Union has offered a call where researchers can propose projects that solve major future challenges. Six such proposals are competing to get funding on the level of one billion Euros over ten years. Each proposal is developed by a large consortium of universities and companies. The proposal “IT future of medicine” describes the development of a computer model of the whole human body (from genes via proteins and cells to organ level), sufficiently accurate to be used on individual patients to diagnose disease and optimize treatment. These models will need input from many different sources, for instance genomic data. We are claiming that image analysis will be an essential technique needed to extract relevant information from large data volumes and provide the required information for the computer model. In this seminar we will present our thoughts so far on this proposal and ask for input on how to move ahead. The final proposal is due in the end of April. Uppsala University is active in ITfOM through SciLifeLab, both on the biology side and from different groups at the IT department.