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Presentationsinformation     2006-01-09 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Björn Nilsson
Typ Master thesis presentation
Titel Non-contact quality measurements of open die forging
Sammanfattning A demo system for non-contact measurements of dimensions on open die forging has been developed by IMEGO AB, Gothenburg and SINTEF, Oslo, on commission of the three steel industry companies: Scana Steel Björneborg AB, Uddeholm Tooling AB and Sandvik Materials Technology AB.

The concept for the demo system is based on the principle of triangulation for measuring and composing cross-sections of wrought-iron goods. When used for reference measurements the system has proved to be accurate with millimetre precision.

In this thesis, software for collecting and processing of measurement data have been proposed and integrated into two graphical user interfaces. One program was developed for presentation purposes and one for management of measurements.