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Presentation Information     2011-12-12 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Martin Simonsson
Title Quantification of DNA Damage Response - From the Bottom to the Plot
Abstract The cell-s ability to respond to DNA damage is pivotal both in the emergence and treatment of cancer. We have developed methods based on immunohistochemistry and image analysis to quantify the response to radiation in skin biopsies from cancer patients collected before, during and after radiotherapy. With these methods we have been able to measure the amount and location of key proteins involved in DNA damage signalling/repair and cell cycle checkpoints. This quantitative approach has revealed previously unobserved in vivo responses to DNA damage. Our interesting findings and their implications for radiotherapy will be presented and explained. However the focus of the presentation will lie on the process of method development; The challenges in terms of biopsy collection, immunostaining, image acquisition, object segmentation and data handling from the initial data collection to the final plot.